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Every two weeks, we put out a newsletter to inform our members and the community about what's happening at the Y, upcoming events, and community outreach initiatives.

Did you sign up for our newsletter in the past but are no longer receiving updates? 

Here is how to fix it:

  1. Email membership@clcymca.org that you are no longer receiving updates

  2. You will be removed from the list manually on our end 

  3. In 48 hours re-subscribe to our newsletter using the button above

  4. Receive our newsletter again!

Why you stopped receiving updates: 

There are many reasons why an email spam filter can start flagging newsletters as junk mail. 

  • The receiver does not interact with the content for extended periods of time 

  • The receiver did not whitelist membership@clcymca.org in their spam settings

  • A piece of our content was flagged as spam by your spam filter.

  • The receiver chose to unsubscribe 

  • The receiver changed their email address and forgot to re-subscribe

Follow the steps in the how to fix section above and if you are still not receiving updates please email cclarkelley@clcymca.org