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Group Exercise

Free with membership.


Stay motivated, get fit, meet new people, and have a blast!


Start your day feeling calm and in control. Yin poses to begin followed by a flow connecting breath to movement. Relaxation and mudra meditation to close.

Total Body Challenge

Focus on balance, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance with this full-body workout. Challenge yourself with cycling, interval training, weights, body weight resistance moves, and track workouts.

Rest & Recovery

Restore your body as you use foam rollers and straps to stretch. This class helps alleviate muscle soreness and improve flexibility.


Join us for a kettlebell workout that burns fat, builds muscle, and increases strength and stamina. You’ll use dynamic moves targeting your strength, balance, agility, and cardio endurance.

Cardio Tennis

Play, run, and laugh with music and games. A tennis professional will guide you and make sure you feel the burn. Drop in to play, no experience or equipment needed.


Improve your strength, range of motion, balance, and endurance using weights. This intermediate strength workout includes body weight, balance, and postural exercises.

Tabata Strength

Target major muscle groups for a whole-body workout. Tabata will make you lean and strong through short bursts of peak effort using a 2:1 work/rest ratio.


Tone your muscles through a combination of yoga and pilates. Focus on strength, flexibility, alignment, precision, centering, concentration, and breathing.

High Intensity Circuit Training

Get energized for the day with this high-intensity, full-body workout! You’ll use a mix of body weight and free weight exercises. Geared toward active adults looking for a challenge.

Barre Burn

Build longer, leaner, and stronger muscles! Barre combines the movements of pilates, yoga, and ballet to focus on your alignment, posture, and stretching.

Turn Up Dance Fitness

Enjoy this high-intensity, dance-themed class that includes active recovery moments, so your body and mind are always challenged.

Strength Training

Get energized for the day with this high-intensity, full-body workout! Using a mixture of body weight, kettlebells, and free weight exercises, you’ll need to bring your all! Geared towards active adults who are looking for a challenge. 


Work on proper alignment, control, precision, centering, concentration, breathing, and movement. Strengthen your “core”—abdominals, pelvis, back, shoulders, and buttocks—to tone your body.

Heavy Weight Training

A mix of challenging free weights combined with intervals of bodyweight cardio movements. You’ll use sandbags, heavy dumbbells, kettlebells, and bars in this class. 

Smart Start Coaching

Get the results you want! Guided by a personal trainer, you’ll create SMART goals and learn more about the equipment and programs at the Y.


Using a system of ropes and webbing, our trainers will lead you to work against your own body weight. Suspension training develops your physical strength through functional movements and dynamic positions.

Strength & Cardio

This interval-based class combines full body strength training with high-intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance, and clear your mind.

Living Fit

Combine elements of fitness with a total body workout for active older adults using free weights, kettlebells, bands, and balls. The instructor will emphasize work on your core, form, and posture.


Experience an excellent cardio workout as you pedal through hill sprints and challenging drills on our indoor cycling bikes.

The Y offers virtual, on-demand classes with top instructors—wherever and whenever you want! YMCA360 is included with membership or available as a standalone service.


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Fitness Programs

With additional fees.


Personalize your routine with specialty programming tailored to help you achieve your goals.

Nutrition Support

Meet with our nutrition coach for expert advice. You'll discuss your individual nutrition and create a healthy plan for success.


Learn self-defense techniques and discipline, taught by Black Belt Nancy Ault, Sensei. You’re encouraged to continue this class for the whole year.

Smart Start Coaching

Get the results you want! Working with a professional, you’ll create SMART goals and learn more about the equipment and programs at the Y.

Small Group Training

Choose among heavy bag training, core and flexibility, speed and agility, newbie fitness, and beginner weightlifting in this 8-week program.


Challenge your muscles while learning boxing. You will use punch bags, speed bags, and mirrors to develop your skills.

Personal Training

Experienced trainers provide individual attention, motivation, and workouts structured to your specific goals to show measurable progress.

Lifestyle 365 Weight Loss Program

Get diet and exercise support to help you establish healthy habits. You will work with our professionals and a small support group to achieve your goals.

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Tennis & Pickleball

Meeting you where you’re at, from newbie to pro


Private lessons and clinics on three beautifully maintained indoor tennis courts. For a listing of current classes and programs, please refer to the program guide.


This fun, social, and friendly game has simple rules and is easy for beginners to learn—but can also develop into a competitive, fast-paced game for experienced players! Open play and clinics available.

Cardio Tennis

Play, run, and laugh with music and games. A tennis professional will guide you and make sure you feel the burn. Drop in to play, no experience or equipment needed.


Tennis and pickleball lessons are available! For availability, please contact Racquet Sports Director Georgia Ahlers at

Court Time

It’s easy to reserve a court for play to suit your schedule. Register here!
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FARMS™ at the Y

Grow, prepare, and eat healthy local foods

Our favorite FARMS™ at the Y recipes

Download our 11-recipe booklet and start cooking easy and healthy meals tested and approved by FARMS™ at the Y!
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Other Programs

There’s always something new and fun to try!


Join the tile-based game of mahjong, which was developed in 19th century China and has spread throughout the world. Free for all, every Thursday in our lobby.

No registration needed

American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid

Get certified through our blended learning option that allows you to complete the classroom portion of the course ahead of time.

Adult Sailing Camp

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a youth sailor at the Y sailing camp in Round Pond? Now you can experience it yourself! Explore the Round Pond Harbor with Jaja Martin and camp staff.

Active Older Adult Potluck Lunches

Eat, socialize, and learn at our potluck lunches! Bring a shareable dish and join us on the first Wednesday of the month to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

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