Their Y stories demonstrate our mission in action.


Ann's Y Story

When I moved to the Newcastle-Damariscotta community in 1985, I played wallyball at the Rec Center as a fun way to meet people. Later, my association with the CLC Y was only through my two daughters participating in youth soccer and gymnastics. I remember watching gymnastics practices in the dark, dingy loft and thinking how much better that space could be. Now I am happy to have played a role in improving not only the gymnastics area but the entire facility into a light-filled, beautiful and thriving community center...every walk around the elevated track is a wonderful reminder! 


In the six years I have been a trustee, I have seen our Y grow in so many positive ways with a multitude of collaborations leading to diverse programming and services designed to meet the needs of our community. I am proud to support the sustainability of our incredible new facility and take part in developing an endowment for future generations. 


I have thoroughly enjoyed being a CLC Y Board Member. Involvement in so many aspects of the organization including fundraising, facility design, governance and joint board work with Boothbay Region Y has been extremely rewarding. This year, I especially enjoyed being a member of the multi-organizational task force that created the newest, successful event at the Y - the Back to School Bash. My Y experiences have introduced me to so many wonderful people and given me a far better opportunity to give back to our community than I ever could have imagined. 


Every time I walk into the renovated facility, I remember, and appreciate, how much nicer and more inviting the space is now. It always makes me smile to see afterschool kids enjoying cooking with FARMS at the Y, friends sharing conversation in front of the fireplace and groups having fun exercising on SYNRGY 360. To me, that is what the Y is all about...bringing community members together. It is truly a vibrant and empowering place! 


As we near the end of our 2019 Annual Fund, December 31st marking the end of our campaign, I ask that you consider renewing your support again this year and join me in supporting the Central Lincoln County YMCA. We have reached nearly 80% of our goal of $345,900. When you give to our Y, you are giving to your community – influencing healthy habits and overall well-being of all whom this Y serves. Please help the Y continue delivering wonderful programs and services to our friends and neighbors, all while making a healthier and sustainable impact on our community! 

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Ann’s Y Story

At the Y, a supportive community is a big part of wellness. At every age and every level of activity, you’ll find people just like you looking to live a little bit healthier. Ann Hassett’s Y story began when she gifted herself a Y membership at the age of 60. This wasn’t her first experience with the CLC YMCA. She has always been a huge supporter of children’s programming and FARMS at the Y as a principal and educator in Lincoln County and often ventured into thinking about becoming a member.

Just before her 60th birthday, Ann had a health scare. Soon after, she decided to make some significant changes to her lifestyle. She decided the CLC YMCA was the place to start, and in October of 2018 everything changed for Ann. “The Y became a part of my daily routine but more importantly I became a part of the Y”, Ann states proudly. “The CLC Y staff has been so supportive in my journey. They have helped me set goals and hold me accountable. I have lost weight, but more importantly I feel stronger and healthier.  I feel more alive and 10 years younger!” With the CLC YMCA’s support, Ann is setting new goals to celebrate her 1 year anniversary at our Y. She is starting to take yoga classes every week and hoping to catch up with her former students at a FARMS at the Y cooking class.

Bill's Y Story

"Before moving permanently to the Mid-Coast, I contacted the Y - Lisa Gilbride specifically - to inquire about its tennis program. Encouraged from the start to become involved the in the racquets program, I have participated in scrambles, contract tennis, triples, exercise activities, and several volunteer functions - namely fundraising and Stay and Play. The Y became a hub of activities for me and provided an opportunity to make many friends throughout the area.

Tennis has been part of my life since I can remember. Mum was a championship player in the 1920s wearing long white dresses, with a long wooden racquet, and playing on grass. One of my sisters was a ranked junior player until a knee dislocation put an end to her competitive career. My three siblings were life-long players. I first competed at age 8 using a child’s wooden racquet the same size as the Y’s modern racquets. Though always a club-level player, I played tournaments, coached children, was the “pro” at a New Hampshire resort, and continue to enjoy social tennis to today. Tennis at the Y brings together players of all ages. The Stay and Play program engages children and their parents through hand-eye skill training and various games with the goal of introducing tennis as a lifetime activity. The joy I receive from introducing tennis to Sarina and other children involved in Play and Stay is a treat - one more example of how tennis is both a sport and a means of making lifelong friends. Tennis is for Life!" (Pictured above: Bill Patterson & Sarina Harvie-Hunt)

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Kim's Y Story

Having been heavy all her life, Kim Strachan had tried just about all of the diets out there, but finally reached a point where she knew what she needed was a lifestyle change. Working at LincolnHealth in the accounting department, Kim would spend her days sitting at her desk without any sort of daily exercise routine. One day at work, she learned of a grant that would allow her employer to pay for her to participate in the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). She didn’t like the idea of committing to a year-long program and wasn’t optimistic that it would work anyway, but finally decided to give it a try. She started in January; meeting, tracking food, and exercising. She couldn’t believe as she watched the number on the scale continuing to go down. Equally surprising, she wasn’t losing motivation and it didn’t feel like a diet. After her continued success, she got the  courage to join a Couch to 5k  program at the Y and by the end had run her first 5K, never having been a runner before. By the end of the program, Kim had lost 35 pounds, became a regular at the gym, and had surpassed all of the goals she had set for herself. With the Y, Kim made a lasting lifestyle change that improved her health for the better.

Jhordaynia's Story

12-year-old Jhordaynia Ebanks is an Xcel athlete who trains with North Atlantic Gymnastics Academy in     partnership with the Central Lincoln County YMCA. Her training routine consists of two days per week for two hours, and includes drills on uneven bars, floor routines, vault work, and the balance beam. Jhordaynia started  training in gymnastics with the CLC YMCA when she was 6 years old and continues to enjoy the sport. She likes routines on the balance beam and the vault, but also likes spending time with the girls on the team. Jhordaynia and her family moved to Damariscotta 7 years ago from Jamaica. She recently qualified to compete in the regional championships for gymnastics in Massachusetts and it will be the second time she has competed at this level.

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Schuyler's Story

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As a nonprofit organization, the YMCA relies on charitable donations to fight food insecurity, advance health, provide scholarships, sustain programming, and truly serve our community. With your support, our YMCA continues to bring people together through Healthy Living, Social Responsibility and Youth Development.