Why I Love Coaching Tennis

Author: Lisa Gilbride

My favorite thing to do when I'm teaching tennis, is make someone smile. Sometimes it's because they learn something they'd been trying to understand. Sometimes, it's because they are struggling learning it, and we both laugh about life's challenges. For some just coming to the tennis courts is a real act of courage. Maybe it's someone who has never played any sports before and is stepping way outside their comfort zone, maybe it's someone who hasn't played tennis in 30 years, has just had surgery and isn't sure of their body's new limits or abilities, or it's a mom or dad who hasn't done anything for themselves in a long time....

No matter why they enter the tennis courts at the Y, I appreciate the gift they are giving me; the opportunity to help them love the game of tennis, feel good about themselves, and smile. Everyone can have fun playing tennis. Everyone can get some exercise and have some laughs. After 49 years of teaching tennis, I know for sure that this is true. There is a hidden gem that is also true, you may just make friendships last a lifetime.

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