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CLC YMCA Legacy Partners


YMCA Legacy Partners are visible advocates for the CLC YMCA who have in the past served on the Y board, a committee, as a volunteer or is a key stakeholder in the organization.


Although Legacy Partners do not attend meetings, they are kept in the loop of YMCA business. Casey Clark Kelley, CLC YMCA CEO states, "these individuals may also be looked upon for their valuable input and serve as a sounding board as our Y is makes key decisions for the future.


Perhaps the best way to learn why these individuals have all agreed to accept the Legacy Partner status is to read their answers as to why they, themselves are invested in our YMCA.

"The Y is one of a handful of non-profits that has the ability to positively impact every person in our community. That is powerful and deserves our collective vested interests. There have always been many caring people behind the scenes working selflessly to ensure the future of our Y. I am honored to be invested in our Y."


Nancy Ault

"I have been invested in the Y from the beginning and for all of the usual reasons but primarily due to my good friend Wayne Plummer, who is gone now but not forgotten.  He started the Rec center and his life's passion was to make the Y all it ever could be.  The new Y project would make him stand tall and be very proud and I would like to help make it happen any way I can."


Alden McFarland

"It is almost always an effort to take myself to the Y for walking or nautilus, but, unfailingly, I step out of the Y, highly energized from interaction with staff, fellow exercisers and weights. The Y is a community, in a small town with a wide reach, that draws people of all ages with a common interest in healthy living, learning, competitive activities and social interaction. I am drawn to the Y as a hub of diversity in a family-like atmosphere."

Mariellen Whelan, Ph.D.

"I am invested in the CLC YMCA because I grew up there enjoying the space as it was. My Dad was instrumental in making this facility a reality so there is a strong bond. I want to see it grow and provide the community with an inviting atmosphere in which to stay healthy.. It will take the effort of many to make this happen and I choice to be a part of the progress."

Lisa Masters

"I am invested in the CLC YMCA because it is clear that they are focused on helping people of all ages in our region live healthier lives in ways that also engage the mind and involve community and positive social engagement. The Y takes a collaborative approach to working with other community entities, and is guided by an active and capable board. And together the CLC YMCA leadership, staff and community advisors are working to be effective in this mission by conforming the delivery of their services to the lifestyles of busy families, students and retirees - in short, to become a valued and essential part of peoples' lives."

Chris Johnson

"My roots in the YMCA go back to my childhood, when I learned to swim at the local Y outside of Boston, and spent a week every summer at a Y family camp in New Hampshire. As an adult I find the Y valuable in two primary ways. First, the Y provides a safe, nurturing environment for children from all walks of life, but especially helps to ensure that children without economic advantages can participate in camp and other activities. And second, I value the wide diversity in the Y membership, spanning from our neighbors in need to the wealthiest members of the community. I’m proud to be part of the Y."


Dave Stackhouse

"I worked at the CLCYMCA for 24 years and have a vested interest in its continued success as a great community asset. My husband and I are members and use the Y as our family has over the years. From its beginning as a recreation center, the Y has continually improved to meet the needs of its members. I'm excited about the next phase."

Penny Davala

"I am invested in the CLC YMCA because I support what they do and stand for, and I want to be a part of their present-day rebirth and their future success. I was born and raised in Damariscotta, and participated in youth programs when their predecessor (DARA) was first formed. And today, I am a local business owner who benefits greatly by having the CLC YMCA as a part of our community. But mostly, I am invested in the Y because they serve as a foundation for all things positive and good for our youth today, and that is more important than ever."

Dennis Hilton

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