Abbott, Emma

Alderisio, Joan

Allan, John and Barbara

Allen, Roz and Landry, Paul

Alley, Harold and Pamela

Amann, Elizabeth and Rudolf

Anderson, Dennis and Christine

Anderson, Robert and Lorraine

Andres, Patricia

Andrews, Carol

Arbuckle, Holly

Arsenault, Alex

Atwood, John and Maggie

Ault, Charles and Nancy

Ausschnitt, Kit and Susan

Avanataggio, August (Riverside Butcher, Co)

Bailey, David

Balant, Doris

Baldwin, Ann Hayden

Bayside Plumbing, Inc

Bela, Susan

Bensen, Gary and Rose

Berry, Marion - Estate of

Betterley, Mary

Birkett, Jim and Sarah

Black, Vicki K

Blois, Donna (Hannaford)

Briggs, Barbara

Bromberg, Benjamin

Browne, Meg

Buell, Anne C

Bunting, Meredith L

Campbell, Joanne

Cheney, Prescott J

Clark Kelley, Casey and Caleb

Clark, Joe and Alicia

Collamore-Campbell, Margaret

Collopy, Peter

Conger, Robert

Cosgrove, Jim

Crockett Septic, Inc

Cunningham, Mike and Vickie

Cyr, Molly

Damariscotta Hardware

Davala, Bernie and Penny

Dey, Patricia

Dietrich, Yvonne

DiSandro, Jeff

Dixon Ehrenfeld, Martha

Donovan, James

Drake, Peggy

Dunphey, Dick and Susan

Durgin, Ellen

Eckel, Jennifer

Ellenbogen, Rudolph

Fanning, Craig

Faure, Julie and Jerome

Finlay, Ronald

Fisher, Sarah Lisbeth

Flory, Robert and Kathleen

Fowle, Janet

Francis, Richard and Tamar

Fraser, Seth

Friedland, Dan and Wolfe, Heather

Gallace, Peter

Gilbride, Lisa and Tim

Gomes, Leslie and Matt

Goodwin, Carlton J

Greenleaf, Elizabeth

Grey, William

Grimard, Elizabeth

Guttentag, Merna and Joseph

Hagar, Karen-Ann

Hagen, Lisa and Rick

Halbert, Bill and David

Haley, Sally

Hamblett; Meagan, Andy, Peter, Lincoln, Helen, and Chris

Hancock, Dusty (Strong and Hancock Funeral Homes)

Hargreaves, Bob and Fran

Harris, Mary

Hart, Olive

Hebert, Frederick R and Flanagan, Martha

Hedrick, Charles and Suzanne

Heminway, Elizabeth

Herz, Mike and Josephs, Kate

Hilton Landscaping

Holbrook, Kelly

Holland, Franklin and Joanna

Hollis, Blake

Howe, Caroline

Hurlbut, Pat and Marc

Jackson, Russell and Nan

John, Jan and Robert

Jones, Duane and Dorothy

Kastelein, Michael

Kearney, Kathleen

Kelsey, Carol

Knapp, Carol

Kozak, Debbie

Kramer, David and Vivian

Landau, Carolyn

Lavendier, Joe and Marfie

Leslie, Heather and Jeremy

Lions Club Damariscotta-

Lockhart, Page

Look, Marvin

Lufkin, Elizabeth

Lugosch, Ronna (Peapod Jewelry)

Lupien, Tyler (Moose Crossing Garden Center)

Lutsk, Bruce

Lynch, John and Martha

Maclaughlin, Ann

Macomber, Victor

Mail It For You

Maine Health

Maine Tennis and Track, Co

Mann, Sally

Manning, Patricia

Mathews, Paul and Sharon

McCreary, Merry

McGhee, Hannah and Jamie

McKenney, Chris and Anni Pat

McLean, Mary

Meade, Frazier

Michael, Dan and Katie

Mid-Coast Unitarian Universalist

Milling Around, LLC

Minot, Joanne

Moodey, Penelope H

Moran, Karen and Sean

Morel, Amy and Jospeh

Morris, Beth

Mueller, Jim and Sandy

Nelson, Maryanne

Nelson, Rob and Stephanie

Ness, Barbara

Newcastle Square Realty

Ober, Lauren

O’Bryan, Stephen and Karen

O’Donnell, Eleanor

Ormiston, John

Parker, Carolyn

Patterson, William F

Perkins, Raymond L

Peters, Ellen

Phillips, Stephen and Jean

Pierce, Madelyn

Plummer, Tammy

Poole, Dirk and Ann

Poor, Deborah

Porter, John

Potter, Bonnie

Pottle, Clayton (Pottle Realty Group)

Prokopiuk, Ewa

Pugh, Phoebe

Purcell, Gwen

Ramsay, Cheryl

Ray, Tinku

Reeves, Mimi (Coastal Kids Preschool)

Rethman, Kathryn and Michael

Riddleberger, Hugh and McIlhenny,

Riley, Peter and Louise

Robb, Bill and Sonnie

Roberts, Samuel and Abbie

Romero, Sally

Rotary Club of Damariscotta-

Sandefur, Glenn and Linda

Sanford, Dru

Saulniers, Nancy

Saunders, Molly

Schaefer, Deborah

Schiller, Lee and Linda

Schwartz, Dorris

Sgarzi, Julie

Shattuck, Wendy

Sherrill, Rachael

Shields, Theodore and Sarah

Skilling, Jim and Pat

Smith, Katty

Snow, Mary

Sorensen, Hans

Sparrell, Elizabeth

Spector, Paula

Speranza, Jack

Sprague-Palino, Lurie

Stahl, Beth and Peter

Stallfort, Katherine

Starmer, John

Steinberger, Lucas

Stevens, Pande and Rita

Stone, Gary and Bonnie

Thelander, Liliana

Thomas, Carolyn

Tierney, Paul and Eveline

Touchette, Brandon

Towne, Connie

United Way of Mid Coast Maine

Van Siclen, John

Vaughan, Robert and Edie

Vincent, Lin and Fraser, Bob

Vitanza, Rosario and Amy

Vitti, Joseph

Wade, Cindy and James

Walker, Sue

Wallace, William and Jane

Walton, Bill

Waltz, Angelina

Warner, Charles C

Wells, Ellen

West, David

Westcott, Michael and Dawn

Whear, Bobby

Whelan, Mariellen

White, Ed

White, Marion

Wilson, Eben and Dana

Winchester, John and Anne

Winslow, Patricia

Worster, Dennis

Annual Fund; Anonymous: 4


Arndt, Channing

Atchison, Donald

Avantaggio, William

Bates, Susan

Brock, Peter

Carrigan, Donna

Cheney, Susan

Claflin, Kathleen and William

Coveside Restaurant and Marina

Faigle, John

Flagship Inn, LLC

Foster, Cindy

Friedlander, Elizabeth

Hanson, David

Hetherington, Kim

Ineson, John

Kahl, Sara

Knowlton, Joy

Lakeside Lawn Care

Landscaping, Hilton

Leavitt, Cathy

Lee, Carol (S T Crooker)

Lewis, Jennifer (Bliss Skin Care)

Little, David

Lockhart, James Weston

MacDonald, Eileen (Plein Aire Strategies, LLC)

Mallory, John

Mallory, Joseph and Wendy

Miller, Randy

Ormiston, John

Packard, Gerald

Peninsula Property Maintenance, Inc

Plummer, John (Plummer Excavation)

Reif, Cheryl

Riker, Glenn

Rogers, Danville and Linda

Schiller, Lee and Linda

Se Vende Imports, Inc

Silver, Barbara

Silverman, James

Stackhouse, Dave and Amy (Stackhouse Landscaping)

Tracy, Patricia

Camp; Anonymous: 1


Van Baren, John (In Honor of Tammy Huisingh)



Thank you to all who give to, participate in, volunteer at, and attend the Send-a-Kid-to-Camp Special Event. In addition to our camp donors listed, there are many other contributors who attend the event that we would like to thank tremendously. A special thank-you goes to the following businesses: Allagash Brewing Company, Cheney Insurance, Colby and Gale, Inc, Joe Jacobs, King Eider’s Pub, and Newcastle Chrysler Dodge Jeep. 



Bath Savings

Boothbay Region YMCA

Bristol Lions Club


Cheney Insurance Company

Colby and Gale, Inc

Cunningham Security

Damariscotta Bank and Trust

Damariscotta Hardware

Damariscotta Montessori School

Damariscotta Pumpkinfest and Regatta

Damariscotta Region Chamber of Commerce

Damariscotta River Association

Darling Marine Center

DiMauro Electric

Dow Furniture

Farrin Properties

Frances Perkins Center

Friends of Great Salt Bay

Hancock Lumber

Healthy Kids

Healthy Lincoln County

Home Counselors, Inc

Horch Roofing

J Edward Knight and Company

J F Scott Construction


Lincoln Academy

Lincoln County FISH

Lincoln Home

Lincoln Theater


Masters Machine Company

Mid-Coast Energy Systems

Miles Memorial Hospital League

Mobius, Inc

Newcastle Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Newcastle Square Realty

Old Bristol Garden Club

Peapod Jewelry

Quick Turn Auto Repair and Towing

Seacoast Catering

Second Congregational Church

Skidompha Library

Spectrum Generations

TGK Athletics

The Carpenter’s Boatshop

The Contented Sole

Tidewater Telecom, Inc

Wawenock Golf Club

William J Whitney, DDS



525 Main Street

PO Box 787

Damariscotta, ME 04543 

(207) 563-9622


Columbus Day through Memorial Day

Monday-Thursday 5am-9pm 

Friday 5am-8pm

Saturday 7am-4pm     

Sunday 9am-2pm

Memorial Day through Columbus Day

Monday – Thursday 5am-8pm

Friday 5am-7pm

Saturday 7am-4pm






  • NEW YEARS DAY, January 1                      CLOSED


  • EASTER, April 12                                      CLOSED

  • MEMORIAL DAY, May 25                           CLOSED

  • INDEPENDENCE DAY, July 4                       CLOSED

  • LABOR DAY, September 7                          CLOSED

  • COLUMBUS DAY, October 12                     CLOSED

  • VETERAN’S DAY, November 11                  CLOSED

  • THANKSGIVING DAY, November 26            CLOSED

  • CHRISTMAS EVE, December 24                 CLOSING AT 1PM 

  • CHRISTMAS DAY, December 25                 CLOSED

  • NEW YEARS EVE, December 31                 CLOSING AT 1PM